Goin’ for Broke

Some people knit while watching TV, I write free verse about what I’m viewing.  My daughter and I like to watch The Voice and America’s Got Talent. Let me know if  I captured the contestants’ emotions.the voice

Goin’ for Broke

Standing in the dark shadows,

Gut twisted in knots,

Stomach clenched.

Sweat trickles down my temple, tickling my ear,

My shirt sticks to my back.

My heart is pounding—kaboom! kaboom!

Can no else hear that beat?


An aspen quaking in the breeze.

My palms are clammy and cold.

My nerves are stretched taut,

Shredded rubber bands on steroids.

I’m totally alone!

Action is the only choice,

My harsh inner critic caterwauling,

“Don’t blow this!”

I breathe in, out,

The marvel of circulation

Calming my fears, quieting my mind.

Deep inside, a whisper,

“I’ve got this!”

Hearing my name called,

I step into the spot light.spotlight

Harnessing all that crazy energy inside,

Bouncing around like a ping pong ball.

This is my moment!”

Pushing full throttle past my fears

Believing in myself,

I plunge ahead, risking everything!

Pulsating adrenaline cracks my veneer,

Exposing my soul,

Releasing my inimitable self.

I feel totally alive!

celebrating life

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