They scurry by outside my office window,

red-squirrelRat-like but fluffier with poofy tails;

They lack the guile of most rodents.

The lady next door feeds them daily

Sprinkling bird seed on the ground

Taming their wild spirits but not domesticating them.

They scamper towards the kernels

Grabbing the small nuggets with their tiny black claws

Like manna from heaven.

They are half breeds,

No longer self reliant but not a pet, Funny-Squirrels-Funny-Squirrel-Picture-25-FunnyPica_com_-140x140

Somewhat tame but still aloof,

They exist in a limbo land.

Urbanization has stolen all but five of their trees,

Leaving a play ground of cement, gravel and asphalt.

They dash behind cars, and trash cans,

Hiding from humans by placing themselves in harm’s way.

My coworkers find them annoying pests

Squirel with gun

Flashing my badge to exit the building,

Something furry brushes by.

BAM!  The door slams tight.

I peer through the glass.

Five inches off the ground, bright black eyes stare back.

I’m locked out. He’s in.

We’re both terrified.

 I’m clumsy.  He’s quick.

 Frightened, he darts farther into the unknown.

 I fumble through my coat, petrified;

Oh no, I have lost sight of the little devil.

 Frantic, I search for badge and beast.

Where did he go?

Found it! Swipe, yank! The door is open.

I need a miracle.

 Here he comes,

Propelled like a rocket, down the hall, out the door.

BAM! The door slams tight.

“Thank God!”

I breathe a sigh of relief,

But  I  still feel squirrelly.

Funny-Squirrels-Funny-Squirrel-Picture-red eyed


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