Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach-Destination Resort Los Cabos, Mexico

Lobby terrace Pueblo  Bonito, Sunset Beach, Los Cabos, Mexico 

“Welcome to Paradise!” Is the greeting we receive from the doorman when our van pulls up to Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. After several long flights originating in Boise, Idaho, we have arrived in Los Cobos, Mexico. Los Cabos is on the Baha Peninsula.

Gorgeous walking beach but don’t go in the water

Outside the van from the airport,  the glorious mid- seventies weather,  sparkling blue ocean and cloudless sky does seem like paradise.

I am traveling as a guest of my sister who owns a timeshare at Pueblo Bonita. We are spending 7 days under her timeshare agreement in a junior suite. Our suite has a full kitchen with granite counter tops stocked with kitchen ware, beatiful tile bath with glass shower, two double beds with down comforters, an eating area with lounge chairs, and porch with pool and sea views.

View from the junior suite terrace.

I spent one glorious morning on the porch watching the whales jump along the shoreline surrounded by little sightseeing boats. I wrote this blog watching the sunset on the terrace.

Pueblo Bonito is a destination resort. Once the weary, over-stressed traveler arrives there is no need to venture out into the real world. The resort has six resturants, four pools plus a children’s pool, access to a golf course, tennis courts, spectacular spa services, a walking beach, beautiful grounds, a small deli, and a chapel. The resort also has a children’s center. The only thing it doesn’t have is water sports on the beach. While there is a beautiful public beach in front of the hotel, signs caution of rip tides and even casual wading is not allowed.

Attention to detail by staff makes for a special visit. Folded beach towels like swans.

Pueblo Bonito is not the dangerous  Mexico we have all read about. The facilities are spotless. When I am out on my early morning walks, I see many workers scrubbing entry ways, sponging down pools, and even folding beach towels into swans.  Customer service is obviously emphasized. We are greeted graciously by all staff and people appear from nowhere to see if we need a drink, towels, or anything else.

The resort is built up a hillside. Access to services, pools and resturants could be quite daunting for anyone with limited mobility problems. Access is not a problem here, however. Small golf car vans that hold 9 passengers and a driver circle through the resort every five minutes. Because of the size of the resort, there are three lines: red, blue, and green. We are in a suite near the beach and overlooking the pool. We are on the blue line. If we walk down to the main pool and large resturant, we can catch the red line directly up to the lobby avoiding the twisting rodes of the lines going to rooms. If you watch the vehicles from the lobby terrace racing around, it looks something like a Disney Land race track.

There are signs encouraging walking. I have found the short cuts through lobbies and upstairs.  There are not many of us out walking the hillsides to our desinations. Enroute I have discovered the black swans, flamingos, flowers, and butterfies who share the resort with the tourists.

Flamingo on the grounds.

Many guests arrive with large bags but after a couple days,  everyone has unkempt hair, sandals on and some type of beach clothing. Faces look more relaxed and smiles come more quickly and frequently.

In another blog, I wrote about the tourist, who likes everything planned, the traveler who likes to mix with the general population and see the local sights and the adventurer who goes without an agenda. Pueblo Boniti is definitely a resort for tourists.

I would recommend to couples, who want to rekindle romance,  travelers of any age seeking comfort, relaxation and safety. The resort also serves the needs of familues with children younger than 3 or 4.  Since the hotel doesn’t have water sports on the property, i would encourage familes with older children to seek out a different venue for their Mexican holiday.

I still have a few more days in paradise. I am thankful my sister let me tag along.







3 thoughts on “Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach-Destination Resort Los Cabos, Mexico

  1. I love Sunset Beach. I stayed there as a guest of a friend twice. I love hanging out at the sky pool. It’s also not too far from town, we would take a taxi for $10. The restaurants in town are better and less expensive, for the most part.


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