Add a little pinch of Peace

Peace can become a lens through which you see the world. Be it. Live it. Radiate it out. Peace is an inside job.” —Wayne Dyer

2020 has been an emotional year for most of us. The entire world has been impacted by Covid-19. Our country has visions of twittering, tweeting, marching, and burning throughout the Presidential elections. Fortunately, the election is over and as I write most of the votes have been certified and a winner chosen. A chapter in our nation’s history is coming to a close.

But unfortunately, the virus is still rampant among us closing schools, keeping us from seeking out family and friends, hurting small business and restaurants. When we look back on 2020, I’m not sure what the history books will say about how we were impacted by Covid-19. We know our lives have fundamentally changed. Some of those changes will return to normal with a vaccine, hopefully by spring. But some will stay with us. For example, many people may always work remotely. We’ve gotten so used to packages we may not return to shopping in stores. Hopefully, we will return to seeing our friends over coffee and at churches and social outings.

Meanwhile, mask up, social distance, stay safe.

Top Ten Reasons Not to Vote for Trump

Donald shoutling
Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate

With David Letterman gone, we now have to develop our own Top Ten Lists.  Below are my current Top Ten Reasons NOT to Vote for Donald Trump:


Number 10: No one, not even Mr. Trump, knows why Mr. Trump, decided to run for president. The rumor among political correspondents is that he wanted revenge for serving as the butt of jokes at a White House Correspondence dinners.( See Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live Comedian’s presentation on YouTube:

Number 9: By ridiculing every intelligent woman he encounters, Mr. Trump is the first presidential candidate to start a war, the  gender war, while running for office.

Number 8:  Mr. Trump tell lies faster than Pinocchio. Eight in 16 hours documented by the Washington Post, April 29, 2016.

Number 7:  Mr. Trump’s main source for guidance on foriegn policy is watching TV (The Fiscal Times,  August 17, 2015).

Number 6:  If elected, Mr. Trump will have four years to continue lobbing insults at people, places, and things through his twitter account. (See New York Times, updated April 4, 2016: “210 people,places, and things Donald Trump has insulted on twitter”).

Number 5: Building walls to keep people out is so-o-o passé  as foriegn policy.  After all, China built the Great Wall over two thousand, two hundred years ago.

Number 4:  Trump shares a bully bromance with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Putin has called Trump “bright and talented” and Mr. Trump has acknowledged Putin’s strong leadership skills. Mr. Trump’s admiration is somewhat surprising since Putin has jailed his  critics, journalists and activists, shut off gas to the Ukraine and rest of Europe and sold weapons to Al-Assad.

Number 3: Mr. Trump can’t count.  More Mexicans have left the U.S. in recent years to return to Mexico than have come to the United States (Pew Research Center). Mexican immigration is decreasing because of declining birth rate, socio-economic factors and an aging population (Politifact, August 6th, 2015). Mr. Trump continues to assert despite these statistics that “people are pouring across the border.”

Number 2: Like a reality TV show on the Home and Garden Channel or a fish out of water, Mr. Trump is a master of  the Flip or Flop.  Recently, Mr Trump  said he could be “flexible” on his immigration policy because we need “talented and highly skilled people” in this country. “In terms of immigration and almost anything else, there always has to be some, you know, tug and pull and deal,”   (Mr. Trump, March 3, 2016, Fox News Debate).

Number 1: If elected, we’d be foreced to see Mr. Trump’s hair, strangely akin to golden, spun-sugar, cotton candy from a carnival regularly on the nightly news.

Trump Bad Hair Day
Mr. Trump having a bad hair day. The wind whips his  hair up like a sugary dessert confection.

Worst picture